I had a wonderful date in Amsterdam last week and actually wanted to write about it as a promotional post for myself. But I’ve known for a few days now what it means to feel like you’re bursting with pride. Apparently this saying doesn’t exist for nothing. However, I’m not proud of myself, but of another person and I want to write about him now.

Our first date took place at the end of June 2023 during one of his business trips to Vienna and as we talked over the course of some dates, it became increasingly clear to me that this person, who is not even 30 years old yet, seems to be something extremely special. Be it the university studies that he has mastered with flying colors (two of which are the most difficult courses of study that exist), the extremely rapid rise in one of the toughest industries, the very high bonuses, etc.. On our date in early March 2024, he then told me something, whereupon I asked a question – a question that would change everything.

In addition to my question, I also tried to motivate him to strive for more. Someone like him can’t be satisfied with some million-dollar job as an employee, he has to create something of his own. Because no matter how much you earn as an employee or how high your bonus is, it’s always only a fraction of what you earn for your employer and this is especially true for people like him. Why should his exceptional skills earn others billions while he is content with millions?

At the end of our date at the beginning of March, he thanked me for the “inspiring conversation” and I assumed that he would now do what all other people would do after such a conversation, namely nothing at all. Oh, how wrong I was!

On our date in Amsterdam, he told me everything that had happened since the beginning of March. Not even a month later, this man quit his million-dollar job with the aim of creating something of his own and possibly much bigger. “We are now a start-up” he said about himself and his co-partners and I am sure that something amazing will emerge from this start-up, even if my own intellectual abilities (which I rate highly by the way, but definitely not in his field, there I am mentally handicapped 😅) are not sufficient to fully grasp what they are doing now.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I still can’t believe it. And not only did he quit his job, which many others would probably actually and not just literally kill for, he has already done more in the few months since then than most other people manage in their entire lives (but well, he only ever sleeps 4.5 hours a night). He started researching, analyzing and calculating the same evening after we said goodbye; he didn’t even let a day go by. Of course, he isn’t doing all this alone, he got a few of the best people on board and the fact that they jumped on board with him immediately says enough. I’d love to go into more detail because it’s so incredibly fantastic, but I have to maintain his anonymity.

It was wonderful for me to listen to this story, he had to repeat everything several times and describe it in minute detail. I am so incredibly proud of this person and still can’t believe what he has done. I would NEVER have expected this. NEVER!!! Who quits a job where they already earn more in their late 20s than 99% of humanity? HE did it and it is by far the most wonderful thing I have ever heard directly from a human being. For someone with his incredibly exceptional skills, the top 1% should never be good enough and I’m glad he realized that. When I said that I had naturally assumed that he would only do this on the side and not immediately quit his highly-paid job, he said something like „I don’t do things by halves, it’s either all or nothing”.

It makes me incredibly happy and fills me with a huge amount of joy to be able to share in your amazing journey, you unbelievably fabulous person. I know that you are one of the very few people who can do anything and who are really something special. You will one day be one of the biggest winners in capitalism and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are in the top 10 in 20 years’ time. I actually expect that, because the beauty of the capitalist system is, that really special people who are simply so much better and can do so much more than the rest, are rewarded. What you have done and are doing now could have been a move by the young Elon Musk and I now actually believe that you are no less capable than he is. You two have some very important things in common. You are not only highly intelligent (which is an understatement), but also incredibly strong, courageous, fearless and prepared to take big risks. The highest intellect alone is not enough, you also need various other qualities that very few people possess. You are one of the exceedingly few, as you have already proven.

The smartest decision was of course to book me, because without my question and our subsequent conversation you wouldn’t have done it now. So I’m also proud of myself and my powers of persuasion. But the really smart people seem to listen to my words (self-praise doesn’t stink!). You give me the greatest pleasure and I can hardly wait to follow your path to the absolute top. The world really should belong to people like you.

I also took some photos, because I actually can’t remember most of Amsterdam, I was too distracted. I don’t remember anything from this two-hour private canal cruise and I also told him that it was absolutely pointless to book it because I couldn’t concentrate on anything else than his incredibly exciting and fascinating story. I can remember a little about the food because it was really excellent, but if I hadn’t taken the photos, I wouldn’t remember exactly what we were served. But at least I can remember the suite very well 🔥.

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