I’ve recently increased my supply of anal toys a bit (I always forget some in the hotel room πŸ˜…) and am now doing a bit of advertising here.

In the top row you can see vibrating anal plugs, four of which can be controlled with an app and one with a remote control. One of the anal plugs with app control has already been used in a restaurant. At first, the gentleman said it was physically pleasurable but mentally unpleasant, but after a very short period of getting used to it, he found it pleasant in every respect 🀩 πŸ”₯. Needless to say, I also used the app when the waiters were explaining the dishes and the sommelier the wine pairing 😈. Of course, there were always breaks in between when nothing vibrated (I’m nice ☺️). You can select a number of different interesting modes and also different intensity levels, and the exciting thing is that as the wearer you never know which mode will be switched on next and what the intensity will be πŸ˜‰. This means you are at the mercy of me and the app 🀩. In any case, these anal plugs with app control are very discreet in public, which is immensely important to me and probably also comfortable to wear (at least the gentleman didn’t feel the need to remove the toy during the 3 hours or so in the restaurant πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»).

In the middle row you can see various vibrators, one of which not only vibrates but also makes thrusting movements. A few of them also stimulate the perineum and testicles.

In the last row you can see my strap-ons with corresponding dildos. One of them also vibrates and you can use it with a remote control (the first from left) and the purple strap-on dildo has moving balls inside, which you should also be able to feel (but it hasn’t been tested yet, it’s brand new).

I’ve really taken a lot of men’s virginity anally 😁. Some were unsure at first, but I don’t give up that easily and most of them really, really liked it (if they didn’t, I’d stop immediately, of course, because even if most people like it, it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone and most certainly this should be respected).

Of course, I don’t take all my anal toys with me on every date (although I always have a few in my bag), so please let me know what I should bring.

By the way, I will be spending this summer in Vienna, as it will actually be my last summer here this year. When it’s around 27 degrees outside, dates are only possible in air-conditioned rooms. It is extremely important to me to give my best on a date and unfortunately this is not possible when the heat is killing me πŸ₯΅. I might go to Norway for a few weeks in August, but I’ll decide spontaneously depending on the weather.

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