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Pleasure, sensuality and passion are only words if not followed by action. To shorten the way to our enjoyable date, several questions have found an answer here.

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Eroticism is the inexplicable attraction, with which one may get to know each other, but must always remain a stranger

What are your rates?

I will gladly inform you of my rates after your first contact, when you have briefly introduced yourself and told me the desired duration of our date. As an orientation: My fees are in the international high-end escort range and what counts for me here – as in all other areas of life – is quality over quantity.

Please also remember to hand over my fee right at the beginning of the meeting so that our adventure can start.

From what duration can I book you?

I offer dates from a duration of 2 hours. Quality matters far more to me than quantity, and therefore I prefer to have some little longer dates than many very short ones. 

What can I expect from our date?
Of course there is no “standardized procedure”, because each date is individual and I would like to experience mutual enjoyment with you. You are also welcome to send me your wishes/preferences in detail by email in advance! So what you can expect is a woman who adapts to you as well as your wishes and needs and does her best to give you an unforgettable experience. If your wishes/preferences expressed by email do not coincide with mine, I will of course tell you honestly!
What are your erotic preferences and taboos?

My erotic preferences are very broad and start with sensual and passionate eroticism. But I also love, for example, various role-playing szenarios (I would even describe myself as a true master of role-playing ;-)) as well as dominant/submissive adventures. You can find some exciting and explicitly described scenarios for erotic role-play here: The pleasure of erotic role play. Human sexuality fascinates me greatly and I like to keep discovering new facets of it.

I have a very large selection of sex toys such as various anal toys in different sizes and designs for you (including some vibrating anal plugs with app control that can also be used discreetly in public, like during a restaurant visit), strap-on, clamps, electrostimulation devices, pin wheels, whips, paddles, handcuffs, bondage sets, gags, etc., which I use as a dominant part. However, sometimes I also like to take on the submissive role, although this is limited to spanking (also firmer spanking). Every now and then I really enjoy getting my butt spanked 😅 – as long as you know what you’re doing, of course, otherwise I’ll turn the tables very quickly 😉.

And even though I am a very sexually open person, my health is of course my top priority. Therefore, I would of course never come up with the idea of having unprotected sex or letting sperm come into my mouth/on my face. Passive anal sex is also not my thing, because it just gives me pain, but I like to take on the active part (e.g. using various toys). Urine also has no erotic connotations for me.

Are there any reviews about you to read somewhere?

There were actually over 40 excellent reviews about me on However, I have since then created a new profile, because over time I have come to the realization that an erotic date is an INTIMATE experience between two people, which in my opinion should not be made public. You are no longer on the schoolyard where you brag about your sexual conquests ;-). So I ask every gentleman who has met me not to go public with his experience, but to keep it for himself in (I hope) nice memory. Of course, I am happy to receive your feedback by email after our date!

And if you are one of those gentlemen who needs to get the “okay” from some forum users etc. before arranging a date, I am definitely the wrong choice for you. I am happy to answer all your questions in detail by email and respond individually to your expressed wishes! And if I should not be able to fulfill a wish, I will of course tell you honestly, because this is the only way to make a date enjoyable for both parties.

What information do you need when arranging a date?

I kindly ask you to send me a nice email, in which you introduce yourself and describe your ideas about our date a bit. I have no interest in meeting gentlemen who confuse an escort booking with ordering a pizza ;-). Mutual respect forms the basis for a successful date and this already shows during the email exchange. Of course, I do not ask you to send me a novel with your life story, but you should take a few minutes to introduce yourself to me and tell me your ideas / wishes regarding our date. After all, it’s about an erotic experience that you want to share with another person and not some impersonal “order”. After our date has been fixed by email, I will also ask you to send me a text message for the final confirmation of our meeting.

How much notice in advance do you need when arranging a date and are you also available at very short notice?
Unfortunately I cannot answer that question generally, because it depends on the inquiries I receive from other gentlemen and my schedule apart from escorting ;-). Due to the fact that I am not accepting that many dates and that I also have a life and schedule apart from my escort adventure, I would recommend contacting me at least a few days in advance. In the case a gentleman has to cancel our date or my other plans for that day have changed, I might also be available at short notice, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Where can I meet you?

I offer outcalls and can gladly visit you in your hotel or home in Vienna. Of course I would also be delighted to accompany you to a nice restaurant or bar during a longer date. 

Do you also reject customers or do you meet everyone?

I have no interest in meeting someone, who appears disrespectful in the email exchange leading up to our date. Please also take into account that I do not want to meet men who are much younger than me, so you should at least be in your mid-twenties (or at least look like this :-)). At the top I have absolutely no age limit and also heavy overweight does not bother me at all. Of course, I also meet people with a physical disability such as wheelchair users, etc. (I have absolutely no reservations in this regard). Your look is completely irrelevant to me, but just as I appear freshly showered and well-groomed for each meeting, I wish this from you as well. This is also a matter of respect! I also strictly reject drug use and if I notice at our meeting that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I will end the date immediately. But of course we can have a drink together, if you wish, or enjoy a good wine when going to a restaurant.

Which hotels can you recommend?
I can meet you in any hotel of your choice within the city of Vienna. Of course I can also give you some recommendations, if you let me know your prefered price category and other preferences. If you are not staying in a hotel or cannot meet me there, I can also recommend some Viennese hotels you can rent for just a few hours. My prefered hotel in this category is the Hotel Orient.
Can we first meet for a drink / dinner and then I only pay you for the time we spend in the hotel room? The drink / food is of course on me!
No, this is of course not possible. You pay me for the whole amount of time we spend together, because as an escort lady I get paid for my companionship itself. I can of course gladly accompany you to a nice restaurant or a bar during a longer date, where we can share a nice dinner or some drinks while getting to know each other.
Are there any additional charges during our meeting?
No, of course you will not face any further charges during our date! I would never talk about money during our meeting as this would be completely off-putting for me. However, should you wish to extend our time together during or at the end of our date, you will of course pay me for the extra amount of time we spend together.
Can you send me more pictures showing your face by email?
Of course I fully understand the desire to see a photo of a recognizable face before a meeting, but unfortunately I cannot fulfill that wish. Just like you, I am very dependent on discretion and would never send a picture showing my face. But I can assure you that my face is very pretty (at least I hear this very often :-)), and should I not please you against all expectations, you can of course end the meeting free of charge right at the beginning. I think this is a fair solution for both sides. The photos you see here on my website are of course 100% original photos of me and furthermore you can also find some videos of me on my gallery page.

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