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Have you been wanting to meet me for a long time or are you planning to see me again? Take advantage of the opportunity while I’m still in Vienna!

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I am very happy to welcome you to my virtual home!
What is bringing you here? Is it the quest for a special adventure? The desire to escape from everyday life and experience something exciting? Or the need to briefly leave the beaten track and discover a previously unknown terrain? Do you feel the desire to experience passion and excitement again? Or do you just want to be able to let yourself go without any pressure and enjoy the moment or even live out your long-held fantasies?
Take a closer look at my website and maybe we will soon have the opportunity to enjoy special moments together.

Escort Vienna

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Deep pleasure reveals itself trough the muse

If you are looking for a charming, passionate and equally intelligent muse, who is not afraid to use her pointed tongue in every way, you will find an inspiring playmate in me. As an artist of seduction, I understand how to take you into my world of sensuality and lust.

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Be my accomplice in hedonistic sensual pleasures

Eroticism is the area in which intution guides the mind. Follow me into my world of sensual pleasures and experience joyful moments and the lightness of being. Leave everyday life behind and embark on a journey into new worlds of experience.

Escort Vienna

Experience passion and the lightness of being. Discover some side of yourself that has so far remained hidden and embark on a journey into new worlds of experience. Aren’t we living to discover new things? With me you can explore your secret desires and illuminate the horizon of your sensuality.

Escort Vienna


Playful lightness, sensuality, lust and esprit are the ingredients for an unforgettable date. Together we escape everyday life and enjoy sweet hours of togetherness. 

Dominant Escort Vienna


Get involved in a very special adventure and experience the world of dominance and submission. Versed and imaginative, I explore your limits and lead you into deep spheres of lust. 

Sex Coaching Vienna


Experience the many facets of eroticism to make your love life more sparkling. With plenty of empathy and experience, I will show you new ways of experiencing and enjoying sexuality. 

Exquisite Escort Service

Experience a true high class escort service at the highest level with an extraordinary independent escort lady in Vienna. Treat yourself to something special!


Mutual discretion and a respectful interaction form the basis for a successful date on equal terms.


As a reputable independent escort lady, I guarantee you punctuality and compliance with agreements made.


Refreshing naturalness and authenticity make an escort date a special experience beyond the ordinary.


With my very empathetic nature, I know how to best adapt to you as well as your wishes and needs.


“She actually embodies all the attributes we men want in a dream woman – beautiful, wonderful eyes, sensual lips, long hair, dreamlike body, velvety soft skin, pleasant voice, eloquent, well-read, insanely clever, direct and honest, and she seemed absolutely authentic to me. If I was wrong, which I can’t imagine, then she would be a great actress. “

“An encounter of a very special kind; even the virtual pre-contact promised these special, wonderful appointment to our erotic role play. Then a meeting of the extraordinary kind: highly erotic, playful, simply first class. Best verbal eroticism, special passion, results in deep relaxation and wonderful satisfaction. Mutual closeness results in a lasting experience.”

“We had a wonderfully erotic evening. Accompanied by an interesting role-play, Ava knew how to deal with her charms and how to wrap me around her finger. You can keep quiet about intimate games with each other. Just this much: you are a great woman, with a head, humor and attraction, who effortlessly manages to turn men’s heads and who is therefore absolutely worth seeing again! “

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“In the realm of the erotic, the mind becomes the playground and the body the willing participant”


High Class Escort Vienna – Luxury escort Vienna for the discerning gentlemen
VIP escort service Vienna – Exquisite escort service for special adventures

Available by arrangement

Escort Service Vienna

Independent Escort Vienna

Treat yourself to a special Vienna escort service that will exceed all your expectations and experience unforgettable hours with a fantastic independent Vienna escort lady. Leave everyday life behind you and immerse yourself in a world full of sensuality and passion. Regardless of whether you are looking for a sensual girlfriend experience or you feel like an erotic role play in Vienna, this escort lady is the best choice! Let yourself go and enjoy a fantastic escort date and a sensual, erotic short break from everyday life. The independent escort Vienna lady appears well groomed and in a great mood for a date and will do her best to give you a wonderful time. A time when it’s about you and your wishes, when you can just let yourself go and enjoy. Treat yourself to an oasis of relaxation, sensuality and passion with an independent escort Vienna lady, immerse yourself in a world of erotic pleasures and forget everything around you.

High class escort Vienna

Experience a high class escort service in Vienna, where class and passion are not just empty phrases, but are actually lived by the escort lady. Treat yourself to a special escort service in Vienna and let yourself be enchanted and beguiled. Life is too short to miss out on enjoyment and this high class escort Vienna offers you a very special enjoyment that you will be able to enjoy for a very long time. Everyone needs a break from hectic everyday life every now and then and you can enjoy this in a very special way with the high class escort Vienna lady.

Role play escort Vienna

Are you looking for a special experience and would you like to experience an erotic role play in Vienna? The Viennese escort lady is particularly experienced in various role plays and embodies her respective role with great passion and authenticity. Treat yourself to a very special adventure and don’t be afraid to tell her your wishes. The escort lady is also happy to bring in her own ideas and will skillfully turn your role play fantasies into reality in Vienna.

Escort service Vienna

Experience an outstanding Vienna escort service at the highest level and let your Vienna escort lady take you into a world of sensual enjoyment. You can forget everything around you and enjoy the moment. Carefree experiences, seduction, sensuality and passion, this Vienna escort service offers you all of this. Don’t hesitate to contact the escort lady and arrange a dream date with her, which you will look back on with joy for a long time afterwards. Enjoy a special adventure during your stay in Vienna.

Dominatrix Escort Vienna – Fetish Escort Vienna – Dominant Escort Service

Are you looking for a first-class dominant escort in Vienna? Would you like to live out your specific fetish with a high class fetish escort Vienna lady? Experience a dominatrix in Vienna at the highest level and enter the erotic world of dominance and submission. With empathy and the necessary strictness, the dominant Vienna escort lady is the best choice even for beginners. Expand your horizons and treat yourself to an outstanding dominant escort service in Vienna that will exceed your expectations. Put yourself trustingly in the hands of the Dominatrix Escort Vienna and live out your secret fantasies. The dominatrix is particularly well-versed in role-playing games and is also the best choice as a fetish escort in Vienna.

Erotic coaching Vienna and sex coaching Vienna

Erotic coaching and sex coaching in Vienna helps sexually inexperienced men and those who want to broaden their horizons. Sexual inexperience among adults is unfortunately a taboo topic in our society and with sexual coaching in Vienna you will gain experience and self-confidence in the erotic area. Let a sex expert in Vienna introduce you to the art of eroticism and enrich your sex life.

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