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By Ava / April 26, 2021

Summer update

Hello dear gentlemen ๐Ÿ˜˜ , Summer is approaching and so is my two-month stay in my favorite place of the...

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By Ava / March 21, 2021

A little “thank you” in between ๐Ÿ˜˜

Hello my dear gentlemen, I just wanted to say THANK YOU that the Covid tests work so well before a...

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By Ava / February 5, 2021

The Covid-tests have arrived

The Covid tests have now arrived and I have also made an evidence photo today, of course appropriately for the...

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By Ava / February 1, 2021

Covid test on or before the date

In the last few days, two gentlemen made me aware that there is now a new Covid antigen rapid test...

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By Ava / January 28, 2021

Buy a pig in a poke

Since I'm a bit bored at the moment and I don't get enough opportunity to devote myself to the beautiful...

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By Ava / December 25, 2020

Misogynistic feminism

Because I'm in full flow at the moment, here is another blog entry ๐Ÿ˜…: Many so-called "feminists" want to forbid...

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By Ava / December 25, 2020

“You can’t be proud of that”โ€ฆ

This was mentioned to me some time ago by a user in an internet forum in relation to my work,...

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By Ava / September 26, 2020

Dates in times like these

Actually, my hope or naive assumption was that, after my two-months stay in the Swiss mountains, the situation regarding Covid-19...

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By Ava / September 9, 2020

Our starry sky

I am now back in Vienna. If I said I'm happy to be back in the big city, it would...

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By Ava / September 6, 2020

Impressions from the Engadin part 2

Actually, I wanted to call this blog entry "Sexy Photos" so that someone would click on it, but you shouldn't...

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