Your Playmate

Your sensual playmate of lust

If you are looking for a charming, passionate and equally intelligent muse, who is not afraid to use her pointed tongue in every way, you will find an inspiring playmate in me. As an artist of seduction, I understand how to take you into my world of sensuality and lust.

Discover me

“What are the sensual pleasures without graces and muses?”

“The muses, so the poets say, love the forests, the meadows and the springs because one can enjoy a special kind of tranquility there, which doesn’t exist in cities,” the French philosopher Helvetius wrote and Lessing mentioned “The muses demand loneliness and nothing scares them away more than tumult”. When I stumbled across these sentences, I immediately recognized myself in those descriptions.

But this is probably not the right place to rave about my big love, namely the fantastic alpine world of the Swiss Upper Engadine, where I spend several months each year (these periods will be announced on the “Home” and “Contact” page) and which is the place on earth I feel by far most comfortable in and to which I have truly lost my heart, because you would certainly like to know some other things about me:

My name is Ava, I am a very attractive (although beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder) Austrian lady in my late 20s, a little over 180 cm tall with a great model figure (size 36), endlessly long very slim legs, velvety skin, well-groomed shiny copper-blonde hair and sensual full red lips. For a further impression of my appearance please visit the photo and video gallery of my website.

I would describe myself as a buoyant and, above all, freedom-loving woman who prefers to follow her own path and pursue her passions rather than living a life conforming to social standards and striving for societal acceptance. In my opinion, one’s own life is too short and too precious to live according to the ideas of others. I try to go through life with an open mind, broaden my horizons and to preserve my authenticity and naturalness. I appreciate interesting in-depth discussions apart from the banality of small talk and would certainly describe myself as very empathetic. Escort is my great passion as I love meeting new people and am intrigued by the diverse facets of human sexuality and there is nothing more exciting for me than to explore them.

I enjoy passionate eroticism in the sense of a so-called “girlfriend-experience” full of lust and sensuality, but I am also up for various role plays and dominant/submissive adventures. I am keen to experiment and immerse myself in the different facets of eroticism. Some very exciting and explicitly described scenarios of erotic role playing can be found in my blog here: The pleasure of erotic role playing. Furthermore I am also offering eroticism- und sex-coachings for the interested gentleman.

I would like to offer you a special break from everyday life, where you can immerse yourself in a world of ease and passion and forget all your worries. Whether a short erotic rendezvous in an intimate setting or an extended date, which might start with an excellent dinner in an exquisite restaurant, during which we can flirt with each other and enjoy a stimulating conversation – let’s escape everyday life together and enjoy an unforgettable time!

My clothing style is elegant with a hint of sexiness (I always wear nice dresses and never trousers) and I like to seduce you in sexy lingerie, suspenders and stockings. However, I often forget my panties, I hope that does not bother you :-). Furthermore I am of course showing up to our date freshly showered with freshly washed fragrant hair, I am applying a premium-quality lotion on my body before our date, so that you can delight in my silky-soft skin and I am wearing a subtle perfume as well as subtle make-up.

Would you now like to dive into my worlds of experience?

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