Be my accomplice in lust and passion

Sometimes it can be helpful to take a leap, let the feelings run free and plunge into a new experience. Eroticism is the area in which the sense directs the mind.



I am available for dates in Vienna until July 6th 2021, afterwards I am in St. Moritz / Switzerland for 2 months and then available for dates in Vienna again starting September 16th 2021

NEW: Possibility of a Covid rapid test directly before or on a date! See my blog entry from 1.2. under “News & Blog”


“Many a person who flees from temptation secretly hopes that it will catch up with him”

I am very happy that I was able to arouse your interest and that you would like to arrange a date with me! Before contacting me, however, I would ask you to read the page “Infos & F.A.Q.” carefully, as you will find important information about the arrangement of a date there and I have tried to answer many questions in great detail ;-)!

Since I actually only pursue this adventure on the side, I can only be reached by email, as I can discreetly access my emails anywhere on my mobile phone and answer them as quickly as possible. You can normally expect an answer from me within 3 hours (but mostly much earlier), except during nighttime or when I am on a date, because of course I don’t answer emails while I am having a rendezvous. As soon as a meeting is fixed, you will of course also receive my mobile phone number and I will ask you to send me a text message to confirm our date!

Your email should contain the following information in any case:

  • Fee proposal (see my page “Info and F.A.Q.“) and desired duration of the meeting
  • Date, time and place
  • Your age (I ask for your understanding that I don’t want to meet men younger than their mid 20s, I have no upper age limit)
  • You are also very welcome to tell me your ideas and wishes regarding our date

My email address is:

Availability: I am currently available for dates in Vienna.

I would ask you to get in touch with me about 2 to 14 days in advance. With a longer lead time it unfortunately sometimes happens that the gentlemen have to cancel the date after all and if the request is too short, there is a high risk that I have already made other plans for that day. Since I have other things to do besides my escort adventure, requests for the same day are almost never realizable for me. And since you certainly do not want me to come to the date tired, I do not arrange meetings with a start after 10 p.m. :-). Please note that I only offer outcalls and no incalls.

I’m looking forward to an exciting adventure and a short break from everyday life with you soon!


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