Hello my dear gentlemen,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU that the Covid tests work so well before a date 👍. I really appreciate that 🥰! Most of the gentlemen even announce in their date request when they will do their test, even without me having to ask, and although I really do not need to see any proof, a few gentlemen have even offered to show me their test results from the pharmacy or a test street (these offers I have always declind, because it is not necessary for me and I trust that you will not unnecessarily expose another person to a health risk). For me, the Covid test is now automatically part of my date preparation routine. One gets used to new things so quickly 😁.

A big thank you to the gentlemen I had the pleasure to meet over the last weeks and who participated so well in the pre-date tests 😘 !

Yours, Ava 💋

This is supposed to be a blown kiss 😉
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