I am often asked by interested men about the exact meaning of erotic role playing, the options, how it works etc. I hope the following explicitly described scenarios inspire your erotic fantasies and bring you joy in reading and implementing ;-)!

There are various types of erotic role playing, there are almost no limits to your imagination. The most common role playing scenarios are for example boss – secretary, chiefess – employee, housekeeping – hotel guest, hotel manager – hotel guest, teacher / professor – student, au pair girl – host, neighbor, colleague etc.

How about the following scenarios:

You are on a business trip in a hotel and the attractive colleague, whom you have been keeping an eye on for some time, suddenly knocks on your door with the excuse of wanting to discuss something for tomorrow’s appointment. In reality, however, she has something completely different in mind, because she too has been attracted to you for a long time. Dressed elegantly and sexy, she shows off her charms more and more. You can hardly take your eyes off her long slim legs and she makes sure that her dress slips higher and higher and you can see her sexy suspenders. “Doesn’t she wear panties?” you ask yourself when she opens her legs and then teasingly crosses them again. She starts to flirt with you and after a few “accidental” touches you get closer and there is a firework of passion.

Or you are in the hotel lobby and an attractive lady is approaching you, who you recognize as a congress participant, who has already caught your eye. She approaches you and after a short small talk you ask her if she would be interested in a drink with you in the room to end the day comfortably, but of course you have something different in mind ;-).

Perhaps you have ever seen a particularly sweet housekeeping staff in a hotel and imagined what it would be like if you grasp her under her skirt while she was making the bed, or maybe you caught her rifling through your personal belongings and now you blackmail her for sex, otherwise you report it to the hotel manager. At first the sweet, innocent-looking maid resists and is completely horrified, but over time she also likes it and gives in to her lust.

Or you are a university professor who is attracted to a specific student for a long time. She knocks a little shyly on your consulting room to ask some questions about the next exam. Unfortunately the professor has other things in mind when he sees his young student in her short dress, under which her sexy lingerie is visible. You answer her questions, but unfortunately you also have to tell her that she will probably not pass the semester with you, because her test results have been very bad so far. “However, there is another option here,” you say, while slowly stroking her dress, touching her breasts and then gripping her between her legs, where you can already feel a certain amount of moisture. “But Professor, what are you doing?” she asks with a clearly noticeable excitement in her voice. “You will see that shortly,” you answer while you are already gently massaging her clit with your fingers. For good grades the lazy student does almost everything, of course, and you start licking her wet pussy while she also takes care of you.

Another possibility of an arousing role playing would be that of the au pair girl, who is seduced by the host. She has been in the house for a few months now and seems to deliberately provoke the male host with her short skirts, sexy lingerie lying around and her great looks, even though she always represents the good girl in front of the whole family. Then one afternoon when wife and children are out of the house, he takes the opportunity to get to know the young au pair more intensively :-). She grins cheekily at him when he comes into the bathroom while she is standing in front of the mirror in hot lingerie. “Come with me to my work room,” he says, and when she wants to put on her bathrobe, he only replies “this is not necessary”. She follows him with great excitement and when he closes the door a great excitement rises in her and her panties become very wet. The young girl has been waiting for this moment for a long time, but has never dared to take the first step. He begins to kiss her, strokes her breasts, licks her nipples and presses her body tightly against his so that she can already feel the excitement under his pants. Slowly he grabs her already very wet panties and starts to play gently with her clit, which makes her moan at first softly and then louder. Now she also opens his pants and covers his hard cock with her tender hands before she kneels down and gives him a blowjob. Now the two let their lust run free, and when the wife comes home with the children, both of course act as if nothing had happened.

Or you yourself have an employee who fuels your erotic fantasies without being able live them out in real life. Role playing is also a great option here :-). It is later in the evening, almost all of the employees have already left the building, only one employee is still present because she is particularly ambitious. Does this ambition only apply to her work or does she also engage in sex with the boss and thus serve his very private relaxation after a hard working day? Of course she too is initially irritated when she notices the certain looks of her boss and when he grabs her shapely butt, she almost drops her documents. However, she also enjoys his attention very much, so things take their course, and a short time later she kneels in front of his desk to open his pants while he plays with her breasts and lets her orally spoil him devotedly.

Maybe you had a teacher at school or a professor at the university who caused erotic daydreams and you got excited when you thought of the sexy lingerie she might be wearing under her clothes. You imagined what it would be like if the professor called you to her consulting room and you had to be sexually at her disposal to get a good grade. In a role-playing game you can experience these scenarios and finally let yourself be seduced by the horny teacher!

Here are some role playing scenarios for the dominant / submissive field:

You were very inattentive and once again did not do your work properly, which your boss does not appreciate at all. Your boss is pretty strict with her staff, but she still exudes a certain eroticism. After a hard day when you did everything wrong again, she calls you to her office, knowing that nobody is in the building anymore. You are amazed when you see utensils such as handcuffs, a whip, a hairbrush, candles, a blindfold and dildos in different sizes on her table. “Do you know why I wanted to see you so late?” the boss asks in a stern voice. “No, Miss, I have no idea,” you answer meekly. “You are doing far more harm to this company than doing good, complaints are always hailing, it cannot go on like this. I know that you need this job urgently, so I am now giving you the choice. Either you let me punish you for your unacceptable behaviour or you can clear your desk today, “she replies. “Yes, I do everything you say, just please don’t dismiss me” comes out of your mouth as you look at the utensils at the table with a mixture of fear and excitement. All you have to do is look at her and you know immediately that all of this will still be used on you before you are allowed to sexually satisfy your boss.

Or maybe you are a guest in a hotel and the hotel manager suddenly knocks on your door. She explains to you that there have been a number of complaints from other guests, because apparently you were having some sex parties in your room during the last nights. She threatens you with a house ban, which you definitely don’t want to be given, because the hotel is always booked by your company. The hotel manager sizes you up and you recognize her lustful looks. “Isn’t there another solution instead of a house ban?” you ask. “Well, maybe there is another option. Because of my job, my sex life comes far too short anyway and I would like to know what exactly the sounds coming out of your room the last few nights meant,” she replies. You can hardly reply, she already has her hand between your legs, your pants bulge and you now have to be sexually available to her as your punishment.

Or you may have been a bad student again having not done your homework and therefore the strict teacher is asking you to wait in the empty classroom for her. There you will listen to her complaints before you are given a choice: “Either I call your parents immediately or you let me punish you as you deserve it”. This punishment can include bondage, spanking your butt with hand and utensils, slapping your face, kneeling, standing naked in the corner with an anal plug, spitting, anal sex (with strap-on or dildo) and much more. The boundaries must of course be set beforehand so that the role play does not need to be interrupted.

For me personally it is important that a role play is performed as realistic as possible. That’s why I don’t believe in various costumes that can be found in sex shops. These may be sexy to look at, but they have nothing to do with the actual role. I also like to start with the role play immediately at the beginning of a date, which means that as soon as we face each other we are already in our roles.

I should also mention that I only offer spanking as the submissive part, but with me as the dominant part of course much, much more is possible :-)!

I’m always looking forward to new suggestions, so please don’t be shy, I’m open to many things!

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