In the last few days, two gentlemen made me aware that there is now a new Covid antigen rapid test that only has to be used in the front area of ​​the nasal cavity and is therefore safe for personal use (I wouldn’t have dared to insert this stick as deep into my nose as it was necessary with the other test 😳).

The accuracy of this new test is over 98 percent, as I read in the instructions for use, e.g. here:! The manufacturer also confirms that the test also detects the English mutation of the virus.

With this new test one also doesn’t have to be afraid of injuring oneself, because it only has to be used in the front area of ​​the nose πŸ‘!

If you wish, I would be happy to do this antigen rapid test at the beginning of a date. If it is enough for you and you trust me, I can of course also do the test alone at home right before our date (but of course I understand completely if you would prefer it directly on the date).

Yours, Ava πŸ’‹

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