Actually, my hope or naive assumption was that, after my two-months stay in the Swiss mountains, the situation regarding Covid-19 would be much better than the monts before summer, but unfortunately this was a fallacy, as it has turned out in the last 2 weeks since my return 😲.

In any case, I am of the opinion that with a number of just over 8000 active cases of almost 9 MILLION (!!) people you should not panic and that the risk of being infected is EXTREMELY low. You don’t have to be a math genius to calculate this 👩‍💻. In addition to physical health, mental health is also of great importance and many people not only suffer from the measures in their working life (such as in professions in which one now has to wear a mask 8 hours a day), but also from the limitation in their leisure time. Especially for very sociable people (to whom I do not count myself 🤣) the restrictions must feel pretty bad.

Eroticism is also an important part in human existence and it is in the nature of humans to seek physical contact with others and above all to NEED it. This is biologically manifested, because if one did not have this need, the human species would become extinct. If you are denied living out this need for a longer period of time, your psyche will suffer from it as well at some point. And if the psyche suffers, this can also affect physical health, because a healthy body often goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. Not everyone lives in a partnership and even with those who live in a partnership, the physical contact and erotic aspect often takes a back seat at some point and people feel neglected in this regard. Sooner or later people start missing something very important and this affects their wellbeing. I also couldn’t imagine spending many months without any physical contact and devoting myself exclusively to masturbation 😳. For people who live in a sexually fulfilling partnership, it is of course easy to judge others who live out their needs in other ways in the course of one-night stands or escort dates, but these people should first try refraining from physical contact for many months before judging others 👨‍⚖️.

I would also like to be able to experience an erotic short getaway from everyday life with you in a time like this, where you can forget all the adversities of the current time and just fully enjoy the moment. Such moments are very important, especially in difficult times when you are confronted with negative news every day.

Nevertheless, it is of course important to me to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, especially for the people I meet in the days or weeks after our date, even if the probability of an infection is extremely low from the start based on the numbers.

Therefore I would ask you to consider the following:

Please only arrange a date if you feel absolutely healthy. Even with a little cold or a slight sore throat, I would ask you to cancel or postpone our date even at short notice rather than feeling obliged to keep the appointment. I have always met short-term cancellations with great understanding and this is of course even more true now.

Most Covid-19 infections take place when several people come together and do not keep the necessary distance, e.g. at larger private parties. I would therefore ask you not to arrange a date if you have been to any parties or the like the days or weeks before our date or if you have found yourself in other comparable situations in which several people meet without maintaining the necessary distance. I myself stay away from crowds anyway (for me a crowd already starts with 3 people 🤣), that means you can be sure that apart from my dates (the number of my dates is extremely low at the moment anyway due to the travel warnings and the situation with business trips, since over 80% of my customers are business travelers) I do not meet any people (I can also talk to friends and family on the phone and of course I do not want to expose older family members in particular to unnecessary danger). I also don’t go to restaurants and bars, because honestly with the current measures (such as mask compulsory when you leave the table) it would not be a nice experience for me anyway.

Good hygiene should of course also go without saying as well as washing your hands thoroughly at the beginning of a date.

Cordially 💕,


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