A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit a new restaurant during a great date. I don’t usually write about restaurant visits, because this isn’t a culinary blog πŸ˜‰ (malicious tongues could claim it wasn’t a blog at all because I post so little 😳🀣). I also find it very impolite to sit at dinner with a cell phone and I would furthermore feel like some Instagrammer who constantly feels the need to capture everything on camera.

However, this menu was such a feast for the eyes 😍 (a culinary delight too, of course!) that after the second “greeting from the kitchen” I couldn’t help but pull out my cell phone and take pictures of these perfectly staged dishes:

There was a matching wine pairing for each course and these wines were really fantastically chosen by the sommelier 🀩! However, this very extensive wine selection also meant that we were both quite drunk towards the end and then the previously agreed role play could only take place in a somewhat slimmed-down form afterwards πŸ€ͺπŸ˜….

Since it was already very late, the gentleman had offered me to spend the night alone in the hotel suite and I got the idea of ​​taking a few selfies while I was still drunk:

At night I was thinking about visiting the hotel’s spa in the morning, but after waking up I was so hungover that I only hoped to be able to make the way home (but the fantastic evening was worth the hangover). It was still enough for a selfie:

In any case, this restaurant is certainly also a very good recommendation for gentlemen who want to take their partner to a special place or who want to impress their new conquest πŸ˜‰. In my opinion, it is really perfect for a great evening for two because of the ambience and atmosphere there (far better than places like Fabios, Schwarzes Kameel etc.).

Here is the link to the restaurant: https://konstantinfilippou.com/restaurant/

Yours, Ava πŸ’‹

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