As you can read on the “Infos & FAQ” page of my website, I have now distanced myself from reviews regarding escort dates. I would like to explain my decision in detail here:

As many gentlemen (well, at least the German speaking ones 🤣) know, I had over 40 excellent reviews on the German portal A few months ago, however, I created a new profile and I also no longer arrange dates via the “Date Manager” there (the only way to be able to write reviews afterwards).

I was always ambivalent about reviews regarding escort dates. On the one hand, a date was always an intimate experience for me, which I share with another person (and not with the internet 😉) and on the other hand, of course, I also knew that good reviews can have a positive impact on the booking situation of an escort lady. I want to be completely honest – I even encouraged a few gentlemen to write a review when I had a particularly great date, because I knew that this would have a positive effect on my booking situation. On the other hand, however, I was always of the opinion that an escort date is an intimate experience between two people, which shouldn’t be shared in public and I find it basically weird to “rate” other people in this regard. I am much more happy to receive a nice feedback via email after a date.

With my decision to no longer accept reviews, I decided against more bookings (which of course result from good reviews) and for my gut feeling (which tells me that an escort date is an intimate experience between two people and should stay that way). And yes I know, I can’t force anyone to refrain from writing something about me on different forums, but this is also a matter of respect, if you know that the other person doesn’t approve.

With an independent escort lady in particular, you have the opportunity to get detailed information in advance, to discuss your wishes in detail with her and to find out in direct email contact whether you find her likeable. I always answer all questions in detail and have nothing against exchanging several messages prior to a date (as long as it doesn’t get completely out of hand, of course, because there are also a few men who contact escort ladies just out of boredom without being interested in a date 🤷‍♀️).

In addition, no two dates are the same. What one gentleman thinks is great, another can perceive completely differently. On an escort date you meet another person in a very intimate way and by that I don’t just mean the erotic aspect. One gentleman can find a conversation with a lady to be very interesting and stimulating, while another gentleman would be bored. It can be that one gentleman finds a lady incredibly sympathetic and another gentleman feels the opposite. And sex cannot be limited to “handcraft” either, because good sex is much more than that. And even if you want to limit sex to “handcraft”, people have completely different preferences. Even with oral sex alone, there are so many different preferences and what one man finds great can be bad for the other. Yes, not every penis reacts in the same way to the same stimulation (this also applies to the clitoris 😉).

A good escort lady approaches every gentleman INDIVIDUALLY, from conversation to eroticism. And the key to good sex is still COMMUNICATION any by that I mean the communication between the two involved. In principle, people should talk a lot more about their sexual preferences and also during the sexual interaction they should say openly if they don’t like something or what their sex partner should do differently. I’ve already had a lot of sex (what a surprise, I know 🤣) and can therefore tell you that every body reacts differently and that there is no such thing as “good” or “bad”, but just many different preferences (be it touches, oral sex and much more). And this is exactly what you should talk about and of course not only during escort dates, but with every sex partner you have 😉.

Yours, Ava 💋

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