Are people capable of unconditional love? In my opinion, love is conditional in the vast majority of cases. “I love you, if you….” or “I don’t love you anymore, if you….”. Especially in relationships, people are often afraid that the love of their partner could be withdrawn if they do not behave as desired. It’s not for nothing that many married men (and of course also women) keep their extramarital erotic adventures secret 😉.

Unconditional love should actually exist between parents and children, but unfortunately even here this is not always the case.

A person who actually gives unconditional love is my wonderful mother ❤️. Of course she would have wanted a different path in life for me than the one I took. I guess no mother would be happy if her daughter revealed to her one day that she is an escort full-time (and I didn’t tell my mother about it from the start either). Of course, she would have much preferred that I had finished my studies (by the way, I was very diligent at university 📚) and then worked in the industry in which I wanted to start a career after graduating – a so-called “good upper-middle-class life”, what most parents probably want for their children.

But as my mother so aptly said when we talked about escorting: “It was always clear to me that you wouldn’t do anything in your life that you didn’t want to do.” And that’s how it was – I decided on a rather unusual path in life, which is exactly the right one for me, but which, as a mother, of course you can’t brag about to your friends etc. No, my mother doesn’t tell her friends that I’m an escort (but I wouldn’t want that anyway 😅), but she accepts my decision and supports me 100 percent. I can tell her about my dates, send her my new photos to look at (once she actually replied with “nice breasts” and another time she said I should wear more clothes, because that would be more attractive, to which I then replied that now the mother speaks out of her 🤣) and I think this is wonderful!

I will be grateful to my mother for this unconditional love until the end of my life. The most important thing for her is that I am happy, even if she would have wanted something different for me and of course she is also worried from time to time (which I of course try to take away from her). But an ordinary life simply wouldn’t have been mine, I like it to be extraordinary in every way 🤩.

If you have children, I want to say to you: please love them unconditionally, they will thank you for it!

Thank you mom, I love you very, very much (yes, my mother knows my website) 💖💖💖!


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