I am now back in Vienna. If I said I’m happy to be back in the big city, it would be a huge lie. Even though I only arrived tonight, I already miss a lot the past 2 months have given me. I miss seeing these beautiful mountains as soon as I pull aside the curtain of my bedroom window or sit on my terrace to plan the day or to end it. I miss the pure air, the clear turquoise lakes and above all the peace and tranquilness. I miss this unbelievably great starry sky, which I could look at with my neck often hurted, because I could not let go of it, amazed like a child. I miss this complete silence and darkness in the night that my beloved mountain village (the name will not be revealed here, because there are already enough tourists there 😉) has given me. I miss being alone with this nature and letting this beautiful landscape affect me, absorbing it into me, being overwhelmed by the mere sight of it.

The Upper Engadin has given me my paradise and my little mountain village an incredible sense of wellbeing and the feeling of “having arrived”. Saying goodbye today was very difficult, it is probably comparable to having to leave the love of your life, even if it may sound strange to call a place that.

No, I’m not happy about being back in the big city, but what I’m really looking forward to are my escort dates (even if this may sound as strange to many as calling a place your “great love”, but I am not “normal” in the sense of “according to the norm” anyway 🤣). I’m looking forward to having great dates, gaining new experiences and seeing the joy on the faces of the men with whom I was able to spend a good time. I’m looking forward to going home cheery after a date (well, in fact I’m not going home because my home is the Upper Engadine) with good memories in my mind that I can draw on for a long time.

Let’s create our own starry sky, something that we look upon with amazement and that we will remember for a long time 🥰! Let’s discover phenomenal landscapes and open up a world away from the banality of everyday life that brings us sensual pleasures and special adventures.

Yours, Ava

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