I was in Italy for 5 days this week to take new photos for my website and rented a great 380 square meter location for this. I’m very hardworking and spare no expense 😇. You can see the result of the shoot on the gallery page of my website, there are almost 40 new photos. I tried my best and this time I even took extra light stands with me. I also had severe muscle soreness after the shoot, I was at work for 5 days and sometimes a bit desperate 😱. Nevertheless, I continue to consistently refuse to pose in front of a photographer, even if he could do everything better and I wouldn’t have to fiddle with the tripods 😅.

I actually took the photos primarily for my future Swiss website, which I’m currently working on, but I probably won’t be moving in the next few months, although I’m already very much drawn to Zurich.

By the way, in the pictures you can only see lingerie from the absolute luxury brands Agent Provocateur, Rosamosario, Marjolaine and Maison Close.



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