The Covid tests have now arrived and I have also made an evidence photo today, of course appropriately for the occasion in sexy lingerie 🥳. That went very quickly because I ordered them directly from an Austrian pharmacy and they were here one day after ordering.

There are now 2 options for gentlemen who ask for a Covid test for a date:

  1. I will do the test at home 2-3 hours before our date and immediately send you the result via SMS
  2. I take the test at the beginning of our date

Of course I would prefer to do the test at home, but of course I also understand if you don’t trust a stranger in this regard and want to be on the safe side. Therefore you can tell me how you would like to handle it during our date arrangement by email and I will act accordingly. And don’t worry, I’m absolutely not offended if you’d prefer me to do the test in your presence 😉.

In addition, I have decided to do a test before each date anyway to be on the safe side (even if you don’t ask me to), since one costs only EUR 5.50 (I paid EUR 110 for the pack of 20 tests) and at my current number of dates one pack will last for some months anyway 🤣. I will regard it as a doctor role play I am doing with myself 🤣 🤣.

Yours, Ava 💋

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