Because I’m in full flow at the moment, here is another blog entry πŸ˜…:

Many so-called “feminists” want to forbid other women to meet men for money. Their motto is “either you do it for free or not at all”. It is always nice when women who call themselves “feminists” want to tell other representatives of their gender what they should or should not do. That’s how you imagine feminism πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ!

Apparently they do not want to admit that there are independent, self-confident women who turn their passion for eroticism and their affection for the male sex into a lucrative business. Actually, one should think that feminists would support other women to develop and to pursue their passions, but in this matter the completely opposite is unfortunately the case 😠.

Well, somehow I can comprehend this lack of understanding in relation to the sexual evolvement of women in the area of ​​paid dates, because when I look at the well-known feminists like Alice Schwarzer, I assume she would hardly be able to get a man to have sex with her, even if he would be paid highly for it (she would then probably only end up with a male forced prostitute 😱). I guess women like these want to spoil the fun for all the other women because they don’t have one themselves.

That reminds me of those men who develop into misogynists because they had to experience a lot of disappointment with women in the past and then begin to see the evil of the world in women. Unfortunately, these feminists even go one step further, because they not only see the evil of the world in men, but also want to patronize other women by telling what is good or bad for them.

Then of course the argument of “forced prostitution” always comes into play and this is certainly a problem that I do not want to deny. But it is also a problem when people in poor countries are exploited and have to slave away for a starvation wage, so that people in rich countries can buy everything as cheaply as possible. Do these feminists also worry about the working conditions of factory workers in the poorest countries in the world, where their clothes or technical devices were produced πŸ€”?

Do these women also want to have all clothing and technical equipment banned because there are companies around that have them produced by exploited workers in cheap countries? No, they are not aiming for that, they just rail against a certain industry and see the evil of the world united in it, because they are a sanctimonious, stubborn fools.

So instead of acting against forced prostitution, just as one should act against the exploitation of cheap labor force in other industries and instead of strengthening the rights of the people concerned, these feminists lump everything together and deny all women the right to sexual self-determination. And yes, sexual self-determination can also mean getting paid for dates! But if it were up to these feminists, I would have to register on Tinder and meet men from there for free if I want to have sexual adventures or just dismiss having sex at all 😳.

I also find it funny when these feminists always demand a “sex purchase banβ€œ, because I still don’t understand how this “sex purchase” should work πŸ€”. Do you go into a store and buy “a pack of sex” or say “100 grams of sex, please”? I understand and experience it in such a way that two (or more, for those who like it πŸ˜‰) people are always equally involved in a sexual encounter. So how can you buy something in which the “buyer” is just as actively involved as the “seller”? I have a sense of foreboding when I imagine the sex life of these feminists 😱.

In addition, the erotic industry is the one where women earn far more than men. These feminists always demand equality, but when it comes to an industry in which women are even far superior to men in terms of their income, they would like to ban it. Can it get even more stupid and misogynist πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ?

But of course, in the opinion of these feminists all women are shamelessly exploited because they are very poor beings who cannot defend themselves and who do not even know what is good or bad for them. Well, I don’t feel exploited in any way at all, but according to these women I probably just don’t know about it, because I’m stupid as well as naive and have to be protected by Alice Schwarzer and the like πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€£.

I think many men would not mind being politely contacted by women and getting to share erotic experiences with them AND being paid for it. So why shouldn’t women find this great and take advantage of this opportunity? Do these feminists assume that women actually have no sexual pleasure at all and that sex is pure torment for them? All I can say is “you shouldn’t judge others by your own standardsβ€œ, dear ladies!

I don’t think I need to mention that I don’t consider myself a feminist. I don’t have to, because I don’t feel inferior to men in any way and my life as a woman has so far brought me absolutely no disadvantages (the reverse is true 😁). And I also think men are cute πŸ₯° (not all of them, of course, because there are idiots within both genders, but most of them behave wonderfully during our dates and attach great importance to my satisfaction and fun, even though they pay for the date and that’s highly appreciated 😘 😘).

Yours, Ava πŸ’‹

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